"As the old saying goes: you pay for QUALITY and QUALITY stands the test of time" - Justin Chellis, Ayr, Queensland.


Quality Standard



At Optimum® we use the very best manufacturers available for the production of our high quality Vortex blenders, slow juicers and food processors, along with our world-class exclusive factory in Taiwan. We subject our suppliers to the highest quality approval audits before introducing a product. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 approved and products have achieved UL, CE, EMC and IEC Accreditation.

Optimum is an established brand, and our factories have a combined knowledge and reputation of over 120 years in the industry. We continue to drive quality throughout our business, and to bring the product up to our exacting standards. At Optimum® we employ a skilled sourcing team to work with suppliers in mutually beneficial relationship, by working closely with our suppliers our joint aim can be more focused on ensuring quality products.

 Quality First

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding and superior performing range of products. We prefer to focus on excellent quality both in products and services, than compete on price alone. We are confident in our ability to provide better warranty terms than other products on the market, to allow our customers to make an informed choice based on excellent reliability and cost.

We are proud that our product quality with its wide variety of options and our superior customer service continue to enhance our brand. We continue to grow our list of satisfied consumers. We are committed to helping make your day a little smoother, more creative and full of flavor, through the innovative style and function of our Vortex blenders, juicers and food processors.

Our focus on quality and durability has meant that each appliance is manufactured with precision, fully tested at our factories before being dispatched to our distributors, and tested again before being sent to customers. Our After-Sales support is unmatched, with plans to launch the world’s first online service center offering customers instant support over the life of their Vortex blenders.

Product Testing

Any new manufacturers are required to supply all certification of their business and quality processes, and are stringently vetted in all aspects of business before becoming approved suppliers. Updated reports are required to provide new CE and EMC for Optimum® every 2 years.

Our stringent requirements require that they conduct this testing with a globally recognised lab and certification partner to ensure the best quality standards are maintained. Additionally our suppliers update us with ISO9001 audit information yearly to ensure they are conforming to the highest quality checking standards within their own processes.

Our attention to detail is immaculate, from the smallest of screw, to the motors in our appliances or the packaging. Everything is methodically planned, sampled and tested before the product is launched into the marketplace.


We require that Quality Standards and Safety testing is carried out by SGS. SGS are one of the largest and most respected global standards compliance businesses and perform thorough and unbiased reporting on all products. No expense is spared to ensure our products are not only high quality but also are safe for any markets throughout the World.


We invest significantly in competitive analysis of the market place, we run controlled comparisons between competitor products and ours, even down to taking the motors apart and testing aspects such as the resistance and continuity. Unlike many of our competitors, the results of these tests are based on actual performance in an operating environment.


Starting with our top class customer service, Optimum® only engages primary distributors who have their key focus placed on customer service and support We are so committed to customer support we perform random checks including the use of mystery shoppers, testing their ongoing commitment to customer service and their knowledge of our products.

We are also able to provide industry-leading warranties on our products. This confidence comes from unsurpassed quality of build and very minimal returns for defects. Where manufacturing defects are found, we perform a thorough investigation process that will uncover the issue and ensure it is instantly rectified.

Continuous Improvement

We are not only committed to improving our brand, we let it speak for itself in the products we sell. The promises we give are justified by the quality of the products and the dedication of our team. Continual improvement is our business, not simply a department or policy.

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